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The ducker could be used, although you then can’t insert FX.
That shouldn’t be an issue on speech Mics though.

You have a QU16, so you can’t use a matrix to combine all the ‘music’ into one “source” for the duck. So you need to choose the source carefully.

Do you ever have the organ playing under speech? That will make life very hard.
I’m guessing that you don’t have an operator (no offence, but I’m going to use that word instead of engineer) at the desk at all times…

Is there an inline mute switch you could put at each location?

To make it happen you want to select the channel, insert and enable the ducker then select the organ as the ‘Trigger Input’ then fiddle with the levels so that the Mics are all but muted when the organ is actually playing.
I’ve not played with the ganging options, but you can just set them all up I think.

Slight concern that those Mics make the room feel live when not in use. Gating them can lead to feedback arriving late and instantly becoming uncontrollable – this kind of ducking is a reasonable approach, but I’d be concerned about the mic level, placement and eq. If they only do speech then shelve the eq over 8kHz, maybe lower even…. Certainly shelve under 200Hz, maybe higher (test in your building, but speech is fairly narrow bandwidth)