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John, if you have a spare stereo mix (eg mix9-10,) you could route your channels there post fader at unity essentially making it another stereo subgroup, with local XLR outs. This could be awkward with groups though. You also have to make sure you pan everything properly, copy any processing across from LR each time you make changes, and keep an eye on levels. If LR and mix9-10 could both be controlled by a single DCA master that would solve the level problem, not sure if they can on Qu. I know they can on GLD.

A potentially better solution would require you to have a spare stereo mix (eg mix9-10) and a spare stereo input channel/a spare pair of mono input channels. If you do, you could set up the alt-out to get LR post fader (do so at unity,) route the alt-out back to a spare stereo input, stereo input to mix9-10, mix9-10 XLR outs to amps. That way you get the LR processing, the correct panning, all the groups routed to LR, the correct level control (LR master affects both LR and your separate mix, and the separate mix level can be controlled independently by the mix9-10 master). If you ran y-splits out of LR, one to feed mains and the other to feed back in to the spare stereo channel you can bypass the alt-outs completely. The downside to this approach is that you have a bit more latency (a couple of ms) for the separate mix because of the extra DA-AD conversions. If the separate mix is for a delay stack though you just work the extra latency into your delay calculations and dial in the delay on mix9-10 accordingly.