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Hi, The blinking amber is normal, as that LED is only an indication of internet connection. amber being NO internet, green being internet connected. I don’t think you want to be connected to the internet through the express for this task. Plug your mixer into the lan port (the one with the arrow looking, kind of symbol). Are you using a recent iPad or iPhone? if so, then set the Airport Express to 5GHZ band only. Also hide the SSID of your network, and use the “WPA2 security” and of course, remember that password. 😉 The reason for this hiding it helps keep most any phone from pinging your network while you’re trying to mix as the Qu-Pad app uses a lot of bandwidth. Also, on the mixer, please make sure “DHCP” is enabled. Push the “setup” button, on the screen, select the “control” tab, then the “network” tab. Enable DHCP, and then touch Apply. I set my Airport Extreme up this way, and have never had any problem in the venues I’ve worked in, ands it’s really cool! Hope this isn’t too over simplified or drawn out, just trying to help. Oh yeah, I had the QU-16 mixer out, so figured I re-confirm the steps. I also mention this as first time it didn’t work, and that was due to DHCP NOT being enabled from the factory. Hope this helps!

Also here’s the link to Apple’s picture of the unit and connections. Good luck!