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Bob is correct, the scenes are stored in the mixer, not the App. One reason is so that you can load scenes even if you forgot to bring your iPad to the gig. As you move and change things on the app, those changes are reflected inside the QuPac mixer. The App is just a remote control for the mixer. It does not process audio.

If you make one change to a fader or twenty seven changes to EQ, monitor mix levels, pan settings, effects…. all of those cause the QuPac to change according to the app’s instructions via Wi-Fi. If you then drop the iPad and it explodes and green smoke spews out of it, nothing will change from that point on. If you power down the QuPac, and turn it on a year later, it will come back on with the same exact settings it had when you dropped your iPad.

So, does the QuPac automatically save our changes in the loaded scene as we mix throughout the show? No,
but it does remember the changes if we shut it down without saving a new scene or Over-Writing the loaded scene.
If we make changes that we like, then Over-Write the scene we have loaded, those changes will be recalled in the future.

Here is an example of what could happen…
we get to a new job and turn everything on and we can’t figure out why things are not sounding correct, so we make a bunch of changes then we realize,, OH CRAP!!! I just made a bunch of changes to the wrong scene!

No problem, load the scene you want. The changes that you inadvertantly made to the scene that was loaded are discarded when you load a different scene, provided you never used the “Overwrite Scene?” option.

I hope this isn’t confusing but it is just like most software on Mac and Windows computers.
If you load a project in Microsoft Word that you worked on and saved yesterday, when you make changes and then quit that project/file, the app should prompt you, “do you want to save or quit without saving?” Something like that.

The QuPac is similar except that if you make changes to a loaded scene, it won’t prompt you to save the scene when you load a different scene.