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I pulled the trigger and got the Qu-Pac! It arrived last night. While I’ve been mixing and playing in bands for 30 years, this is my first move into the digital mixing world. Thanks to everyone who helped me sort through my questions on this board. I do have a couple more now that I’ve had a chance to turn on the qu-pac and dig in a bit:

(1)For about half our gigs, we have used a second main mix for the sides — with my old board, it would sum the mains L/R to a mono mix that I controlled with a separate volume knob. Would someone tell me how I can achieve the same/similar thing with the qu-pac (though I assume I can make it a second stereo mix). I assume I run the mains L/R on the qu-pac to one of the XLR mix outs (stereo or mono) — I’m just not sure “how”… Maybe when I get the qu-pad app up and running it’ll seem more intuitive….

(2)is there a list somewhere of what functions on the qu-pad app are not in sync with the qu-pac itself? My understanding is that when I turn off the qu-pad and then turn it on next time, everything will be exactly how I left it. I just don’t want any surprises if I make a bunch of changes on the App and then they don’t get saved to the qu-pac….

(3) I had a heck of a time getting the rack ears screwed in. The screws really didn’t feel like they fit well. Is this normal?

(4) I’d like to use two of the outs on the AB168 (yup I got that too!) for a stereo mix. Would someone please explain how I set up the Qu-pac so that I am using some of the AB168 outputs rather than only the ones on the back of the qu-pac?

By the way, it is shocking to me how much “stuff” is packed into that tiny little digital mixing box…