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Hi Eric,

I have had similar issues logging in to the forum on a mobile device. I find that when I login while browsing a particular forum, I have to refresh my mobile browser before my login status is updated. Hope that is helpful.

Regarding the GLD app, I am in the same camp. I can rationalize the app’s design, but feel that the current build is not working in the field. I measure the utility of the app by how easily a guest engineer can access the basic features. Unfortunately, the GLD remote app struggles the most with the basic features (accessing channels, changing levels, etc.).

We have x32/m32s and GLDs in our inventory and I have occasionally worked with Mackie DL mixers, so I feel I can compare these products pretty accurately. Overall, I find that apps that have swiping/scrolling navigation the hardest to use. The GLD and the DL both use swiping navigation (GLD for faders, DL for faders & Processing), which occasionally results in hitting buttons accidentally. The GLD remote anticipates this issue by requiring the operator to select and hold a fader. But in the field, this creates confusion. How long do I hold the fader before I can adjust the level? What if I let go too quickly and tap again? Will I be in Mix mode? What does it mean when I tap a channel and nothing happens? Where should I tap?

When you have a problem to solve (e.g. feedback), the last thing you want to question is your ability to move a fader. If I lack confidence to do such a basic task, I ditch the tool and find a better solution. Thankfully, the GLD surface and GUI are stellar and the sound quality is very nice. These strengths make the GLD a popular console in the field. It would be nice if the app was as user-friendly.

In comparison, the X32 bypasses this swiping/scrolling issue by organizing faders in static blocks of 8–both on the surface and the app. This format is crippling on the surface (IMHO) but fantastic for mobile mixing.

I don’t know if it is possible, but as an end-user I think a blend of a flexible surface (GLD GUI) and a tabbed/blocked app is the best approach. 4 blocks of 12 faders would work well, I think.

Finally, I would re-organize the buttons on each channel. First, I would add a Mix button and do away with the double-tap. Then I would place the mix/pfl/on/pan controls in a processing page for all input channels. They are lower priority to the most basic, mobile mixing tasks. I would only keep the fader and mute button available on all channels. For output channels, I would keep the Mix button available. Lastly, I think a meter bridge, I/O page, FX, and Setup menu would make the app a must-have in the field.

As always, thank you, A&H, for improving the quality of your products and listening to your end-users.