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I don’t have the board in front of me, but I believe all of the mix outputs are prefade by default, if not just select the mix and hit the prefade button for each channel.

In my setup, we use mix 1 as the monitor FX send. So anything we want reverb on we send a little to mix 1. Usually a little vocals, drums, or anything else that helps the band sound more natural in the IEMs.

Then I take one of the FX (FX4 in my case) and patch it for Mix/Return, selecting mix 1 as the input. Then just add the FX4 return to each of your IEM mixes to taste.

We use FX1 & FX2 for FOH effects, so the IEMs get their own thing without affecting FOH. Works great for us.

The downside is that it consumes one of your mixes. We are using just the stereo mixes (3) for IEMs, so the mono are unused anyway.