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Not all headset wire is equal!
AKG I found to be quite good as it has like a nylon woven thread inside the actual wire, however this will eventually go after many yanks or jerks.

I have hired many multiple (lots of between 8 – 24) headsets to schools etc and they are pretty tough on them.
I found a way of making these last although it is not for everyone as some people particularity professionals require the very thin wire.

However I have used the Decappa range where the headset wire is replaceable with very small screw in plugs on each end… so…
What I did is get clear heat-shrink that shrinks down to a quarter of its original size.
You need to be able to get the heat shrink over the screw in plugs on each end of the cable.
The problem here is it is impossible to get the screw end and wire down the length of heat-shrink.
ANSWER to this problem: *air compressor* and you blow the compressed air with the compressor gun down the end of the wire feeding into the heat shrink. Its quite amazing how fast this air pushes the thin flexible wire with its connector down that heat-shrink.
Then heat shrink onto each end of the plug. Sometimes a wee touch of glue to secure the heat-shrink to the plug. (As if the heat shrink comes off the plug at the transmitter end you have defeated the original purpose of the job)

Be careful not to apply too much heat (when shrinking the heat-shrink) onto the wire as you can melt the thin wire.
I think those Decappa replacement wires or cables with adaptor are available for all types of headsets.

hope this helps