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Can you rename? I was under the impression that Qu-Drive was very specific in its file/folder naming architecture.
Besides, the work-rate in broadcast production is far too high to allow time for touch-screen tinkering that only a separate QWERTY keyboard would possibly allow.
So…I’m assuming that the Qu-series doesn’t have an internal battery and that stored data is flashed into EEPROM or stored in a similar non-volatile way.
This, I fully appreciate, precludes any form of real-time clock because, unlike PC/Mac computers, there’s nothing there to keep the clock ticking while the system is shut down.
However, as a computational device, a Qu mixer DOES have, while operational, a whole bunch of highly accurate clocks running – if it didn’t, the entire digial processing chain would collapse.
Might I therefore suggest, as this particular forum is focussed towards possible software upgrades, that a future iteration might include some simple user-settable time/date option that retained stability during power-on from the internal CPU clock cycle and was then fed into the Qu-Drive file metadata?
Personally I don’t have a problem with having to set something like that up every time I switched on – usually that would be once a day and the benefit would more than outweigh the few moments work.
Obviously all of this is solved using the streaming output because the host computer does all of the file management in ProTools or whatever DAW software one is using, but not every gig requies or allows the luxury of an attached work-station.
All I want is a metadata timestamp on the Qu-Drive file that allows me to quickly sort the files and identify which one was created when.
Is that one step too far?