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Andreas, thanks for your humor. Well done.

However, it needs to be directed to DR. He is the one who seems to get his jollies by reading his own views into statements made by others and then taking issue with them. He does it to others besides myself – I’m just one who is outspoken enough to respond to his crazy rebuffs and innuendos.

I regard my remarks to DR as just another form of humor. At least we have added some level of interest to an otherwise dry subject. The kudos need to go to the OP who started this thread. Who would have known that a simple question – Channel or Overall PEQ? – would have generated such wild and wide-ranging verbosity?

Your response regarding an amp always providing the same amount of gain is a good example of how easily one can broaden the context of someone’s statement. I assume you are referring to a VCA, which is one example of an amplifier whose actual gain can be controlled. These things do exist, but that is certainly not the case with regard to the level control on the powered speaker in question. I feel sure that even DR knows about VCAs. I hope he doesn’t take offense.