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Now what about the sound?

Not sure what you want to hear from me… 😉
I still doubt that any state of the art input stage from nowaday digital consoles add significant amounts of color to your input. I believe one will hear differences since they’re expected to exist. Performing a blind test would help, but requires a proper conditions.
Of course you will measure (and possibly hear) differences, caused by different source impedances (cables, microphones etc.), but they easily should be EQued out, if really required.
My observed drop of ~1dB from the dSnake may be caused by a really lengthy cable I had to run to reach the box.
Comparing the GLD with the Qu is similar like comparing cars from different epoches. They will differ, but who is willing to say which one is “better”?

But if you insist, I can do a FFT plot from both local and dSnake inputs, not expecting big differences…