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The QU originated what seems like quite a few years after the GLD and I guess rather than redesigning a new stage box they adapted the technology?

or they decided that other circuits are available which are superior or have a lower price tag… As already mentioned, the AR has a pad, the Qu preamps provide that range without it. So circuits are not comparable.

Anyway, just gave it a try and could not examine a significant different. My setup was:
– SigGen on Mix 7/8
– Mix7 routed to Ch24 via AR2412
– Mix8 routed to Ch23 locally
– SigGen on 0dB
– Mix7/8 send at unity
– Input gain 0dB (pad active on AR)

Readout on local channel is some 1dB higher than what I got via dSnake, both metering around 0dB.

Setting SigGen to -60dB, setting both input gains to +60dB (max amplification, pad disabled on AR) again result in 0dB readout.
Amplification (+60dB) of noise with SigGen switched off seems to be similar as well.

Can’t see a significant difference when checking the meters, didn’t listen to the sound, though.