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Speakers need to be firing most of ther energy over the guests on the “front row”, else they’ll be deafened and no one else will hear.

That rig, that size venue…

Should be fine – assuming you are aiming for dance floor volumes on the dance floor and lower at the periphery, so people can communicate, the MSR400s don’t shape the mids particularly sharply, but it should be good enough.

You also have kids in with the guests, so I’d want to be running the volume down a bit for their ears – unless there is somewhere a bit quieter they can sit with parents.

Do you measure volume on stage / on the dance floor with anything better than a phone?

Just to add, I’ve run larger venues with the MsR400’s, even without a sub to beef up the bottom, and they are capable little speakers. They are plastic, but the case is by no means floppy. It won’t compete with a top end speaker, but for the price it’s a decent unit. Disregard the Yamaha Watts, get a SPL meter (even an uncalibrated one from Maplin will give you consistent readings) then work out your stage and PA volumes, with a gap of 10dB or more..