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I once again thank everyone for their responses.
I have included some images from the evening so you can see what the set up was like.

As you say, maybe I have too much gain on my mics?
But I was always shown/read to have as much gain as possible on mics with the clip light only just occasionally flashing?

Again I stress that I think I’m getting confused with the words “Feedback” and “Resonance”/Ringing” somewhat.

I’m not singing into a microphone and its screaming feedback back at me, more when I stop singing (Sometimes when Im still up against the mic, sometimes I can be standing somewhere else on stage) feedback will eventually start to slowly come in, or a ringing/resonance sound will occur and then disappear after I stop singing, so kind of like a “Hello…..rrrrrring”. Its there, then its gone.

I swopped the two vocal mics (AKG D5 and Sontronics STC-80) for 2xSM58 mics and things did improve a bit with the AFTER ringing/resonance disappearing somewhat.
But again maybe this is due to the fact that SM58s have a much lower volume than my other two mics.

As suggested I will try to lower the gain on the mics next time.
Also as suggested I will use more of the high pass filter on the vocal mics to try to eleviate this resonance boomness after noise.

Note: On Saturday I turned down/off ALL effects as there was enough reverb in the room.

If you do not know the pitch of problematic frequencies when you hear them, you will almost never gain any kind of improvement by just twideling and sweeping around.

I have been finding the pitch using an app called FFT Plot

suspicious of the off-brand mic the other vocalist is using

Sontronics? Off brand? Hardly.

4. No matter how it offends your aesthetic sense, get your mains off the stage. Get them up at least 7′ to the bottom of the cabinet if you can and aim both speakers at the mid-point of the rear wall.

I always do have my mains “Off stage”. It is interesting what you say about speaker height though. I have gone from about this 7′ rule to lower (just about ear/top of head hight) recently to try to get more volume to guests ears. But I will try this 7’ next time.

Once again, I thank you all for your tips.