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This anomaly was brought to my attention over the phone by another sound person who was mixing a rehearsal on a weeknight so I had no direct contact with the system. After the stereo channels showed up MIA I asked him to check the GLD I/O menu and the monitor feeds. The stereo links were still paired. No changes were made to the GLD I/O since before versioning up to V1.5. He then went to the ME1s and confirmed “unassigned” status of the three stereo pairs.

I suggested recalling the saved ME1 setup but he was having a bit of difficulty performing that because I did not recall a step by step procedure at that time. He did however find his way into the ME1 button assign page and when he assigned the left channels, the right channels fell into place auto-magic-ly. We then hung up the phone and I did not hear from him rest of night nor that Sunday morning.

I’ll see him tonight and ask what his solution was.

Please remember another user independently confirmed the same issue so you should be able to replicate it in the lab.

My entire system was running inter-compatible software with V1.42. My system has GLD80, ARs, iPads, ME1s, and GLD editor. It worked fine for months. Then the darned iPads auto updated to V1.5 forcing me to update the GLD80 to V1.5 which unassigned the ME1 stereo pairs. A simple reassigning of the pairs on the ME1s returned full functionality.

Thank you for your attention to this issue.