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Hi all
Ok. So maybe I’m going to far here with is possible.
So when tuning the the room which feedbacks am I supposed to rid of? The first three I come to?
Moving on from this I maybe getting the word feedback mixed up with another word (Possibly resonance)?
For instance:
Vocals mics on, drummers drums mics are on. Drummer hits kick drum pedal. Resonance frequecies come through the vocal mics.
Just to check I mute the vocal mics and theres no resonance frequencies to be heard?
Advise on that issue?

What part of “you can’t fix it with EQ” do you not understand???

You need to start at the beginning and deploy your system so it doesn’t feed back. EQ has nothing to do with this other than addressing 3or4 room resonances below 300hz.

Everything else depends on knowing how to set up your speakers in the right place and to choose mics that give you the best chance to max out your system gain.

EQ HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH IT (caps for emphasis, not yelling).


I think the “gate the mic” thing has been debunked earlier in the thread and actually causing some of his problems (“mics feed back upon drummers first hits”). He has no optical gates…