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replace your dynamic mics with AKG C535EB mics,
yes, the AKG 535 mics can feed back too, but the difference in useability and sound quality is outrageously beneficial.

let’s say this again,,,,
when “ringing out” only dip three different “offending” frequencies,,, then quit. NO MORE!

Quite possibly the very best results will be experienced when you get rid of the idea that every job has to be “rung out”

An equalizer is a tool, but you never use it unless you know exactly how to “fix’ the problem of bad tone quality or excessive feedback. A carpenter never uses every tool in the workshop just because it’s there. If you do not know the pitch of problematic frequencies when you hear them, you will almost never gain any kind of improvement by just twideling and sweeping around.

Get yourself at least one AKG C535EB mic and try it.
You will NOT be dissapointed, you will discover just how much difference there is compared to the dynamic mics, especially SM57 and SM58 mics. The tone quality and volume consistency of the vocalist moving around the 535 is massively consistent compared to any dynamic microphone.