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I and I’m sure many others’ buy the QU range of mixers for live sound 1stly
However A & H do market the QU for “in the studio” as well.
So customers like myself will always want to get as much out of this kind of *controller* as possible.
I mean really, they are a computer underneith, that well designed steel framed structure.
In custom layer mode you can off course assign the faders to various controls which I have done both live and in studio environment.
I suspect the iLive and GLD are the same?
Going back to that custom layer mode where you can assign the faders to midi to control faders ITB (in the box) it would be an added feature in my case to be able to assign the master fader as a master fader within the software on the Mac.
Interestingly I notice that iPad which is midi driven wireless protocol? the master fader is bi- directional. ( I might be incorrect about the midi wireless protocol and will accept being corrected)
So I am assuming that the master fader is a midi driven fader?
Along with Pan controls?

On saying all of this, in a studio environment, I personally use the mouse ‘all of the time’
and that’s including on my GSR24M.
I don’t think we will ever get away from using a mouse-less digital desk system in the studio scenario.
And any way to help bring the best out of the QU I am all for.
Please remember this is just discussion.