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My phone is out of date within a year.
We now live in an era of in the *now*
Technology has become exponential.
The iLive is still a fantastic product and from what I am led to believe it is a totally different product than it was 10 years ago?
I could never afford to buy one.
10 years ago I was using computers that cost $10k
Now I do that same jobs on a laptop costing $1k
I don’t have those old tower computers now.
They are junk and gone to heaven.
My black faced Adats cost me $45K 17 years ago.
Within 5 years they were so out of date! Boat anchors.
I lost huge amounts of money on the last of the GL 40 channel desks I used over the last 3 years.
They are gone now as well.
Equipment are just tools to earn a living from.
They need to be written off over X amount of years.
and then replaced.
Interesting, I see that the GSR24m (from the gearslutz forum) has actually gone UP a few thousand Eruos in Europe ?
I did a job a 3 years ago, New Years festival and the FOH guy used a behringer X32 and I thought wow this is a game changer.
I told the agent here down under and he didn’t believe me.
Unfortunately he was wrong.
You have to ride the crest of the wave.
We all know there will be a new iLive out soon…? when… I don’t know
The 16 channel desk market is the biggest selling market at this moment so A & H , need to get their product out there or close up shop. *They have to make money!* its Just business.
Your iLive is still a great desk!
I would hang on to it.
However there is nothing worse than old high tech gear that becomes unreliable.
From what I have seen the iLive is built like a brick SH** house.

Nicola stays far away from these discussions

I don’t think Nicola is part of the marketing division?

i Wish I have of had an iLive from the beginning.
It would have made me broke but maybe I would have had more live sound work on?
The horse has bolted.

This is not criticism
Simply observation
NOT directed at you personally
Offense can only be taken