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Hey guys, I’m new to this forum so I’m not even sure that I’m in the right place but hopefully someone can move this post if I am not. Here’s a couple of questions I’ve come up with. I purchased an A&H Ice-16D some time before another member in the band purchased a QU-16. Having recorded with the Ice 16D very successfully both to the USB drive and to the Windows laptop using the Cubase or the Pro Tools DAW. But then when the QU-16 came in, even though the manual said to use a USB hard drive we experimented with Lexar 32 gig 3.0 sticks and they recorded all 18 tracks flawlessly. So here’s my question: Having worked a number of years in professional recording studios here in Austin the standard adage is “if a digital recording is not backed up at least twice, then it’s really NOT backed up.” So since the Qu-16 has a USB “A” slot on the mixer board face and a USB “B” in the back, can it record to both of the USB slots at the same time? Are they mirrored copies of each other? *Note* since we did not buy a USB hard drive up front we have successfully slaved the Ice-16D to the USB “B” and recorded beautifully without a flaw. It would really be wonderful if we could be recording a backup copy on the Ice-16D at the same time the Qu-16 was recording to the front slot. ?????