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Yesterday i had to also add the mix sends to the safe
although all scenes was done during sound check and all mix sends was on pre and even checked all prior to the show
it changed to post
Had no time to check so just added it to the safe

Was very annoyed yesterday. Lead singer came when it started no sound check etc and then tells the drummer to play slow. Who in turn played louder
then he moves his 2 monitor speakers, sings another song and then says he cant here himself. The monitor was so loud the FOH can here it. Disaster

Then on the mic he says its still not right which i said through the talk mic that you moved the monitor and thats why. The crowd laughs since the monitors are so loud and he says their is something wrong with the system.

Since the crowd love him im the one who is made to look bad.

Tonight is day 2 of the show and im gona set according to last nights program and tell the lead nicely to please listen to what we can here and what is he trying to achieve