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My $0.02 regarding the capabilities of iLive: I asked an A&H sales rep at a trade show to explain why new software features were appearing in GLD with all the hype while iLive was clearly already stagnating (this was prior to the Qu). He tried to assure me that iLive has more power and capability in the MixRack than a GLD, and that iLive will always be a superior product by comparison because iLive is aimed at the professional market. He refused to answer why then these new features were continually absent from iLive. So, choose what you wish to believe.

I believe this all reduces to A&H’s evaluations and predictions for product line profitability, and less to do with equipment capability or obsolescence. I’m quick to believe that A&H has been netting more short-term profits by selling GLD and Qu compared to iLive, which is reflected by their product development. Even if they sell hypothesized iLive2 widgets with new features, only time will tell if this story will repeat itself.

Speaking for myself, I’d pay for an iLive update and/or upgrade to support my current investment. I recognize that the development of new features costs something regardless if they’re given to customers for free. In the past, specific iLive hardware upgrades were available at a cost to meet software updates. But I fear A&H won’t do this in the future. However, I have absolutely nothing to base my comments on except my observations of A&H’s behavior.