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Although can be minimised by design. Tannoy VX8 have a 90 degree dispersion, but are designed to be paired – no idea what voodoo they did, but it works (at one angle, cunningly encoded into the cabinet)

The crux of the matter is: how far down does the pattern control extend? The sad fact is that only premium speaker manufacturers provide the information about where the dispersion pattern is measured. A cheap cabinet (like the Mackies in question) only mention in their literature that the pattern control goes “all the way up to 20kHz”. This is salesman hype. Sure it’s easy to have pattern control of the HF. Wave-lengths are very, very short and require only a small horn to exert some control. But the average consumer speaker is lucky to have the published “pattern control” from the cross-over frequency on up…and almost completely un-tamed audio dispersion below that.

So at what frequency are these Tannoys exhibiting 90 degree dispersion? What is the total output frequency range of the cabinet? Without accurate information in these areas any sensible discussion is severely compromised, if not impossible.

If the “90 degree” cabinets are meant to be arrayed, the angled mating sides of the boxes would have a 45 degree angle/box. Total splay: 180 degrees.