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That sounds like good news.

I had a trial run with my settup for the chaired panel this afternoon. Didn’t go well 🙁 I tried to use the Chair function, but I found that I couldn’t get the chair mic to even open unless I set the sensitivity higher, even to 10. But then I found that when the mike DID open it came on a decent volume to begin with, but then faded back down significantly. I found I could reduce this effect by reducing the Chair Duck Level, but even at -3dB the effect was still noticable. It was as if the chair mic was being ducked AS WELL AS all the other mics!. I thought, maybe, I shouldn’t have it both ON and set to CHAIR, but that isn’t possible.

So what am I doing wrong? This doesn’t seem right at all. In particular, if I set the gain sufficiently high so that the ducked level of the chair mic is acceptable, the peak when it first comes on is sufficient to push it into feedback, especially if the duck level is set to much more than -3dB.

I’d thought that this scenario was the ideal use case of the AMM, but it seems not. It’s better without the chair turned on, but I think I’m going to run the session manually to be sure.

Any suggestions?