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That means you’ll need to plug your microphone in to a different channel for overdubbing

Not necessarily, depends on the output settings inside the DAW (i.e. Reaper). There you’re free to send the recorded material back to any other channel or even a downmixed stereo feed.
Totally depends where you’re doing your sound and what you’re recording.
– If you record the wet signal (including EQ/Gates/Compressors and whatsoever), you do not want it to be send back to the same channel, since it would get the same treatment a second time.
– If you record dry but want to create the final sound with the desk, then may re-use the same channel for sure. You also can do overdubs without re-plugging the mic, but obviously won’t hear whats playing before on that channel.
– If you record a dry signal and generate the sound inside the DAW, then you probably prefer to send back a stereo mix to some spare channels on the desk.
It is totally up to your workflow whatever you prefer. When I do recordings, my sound is created inside the DAW with plenty of FX, automation and stuff available.