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Please feel free to explain this further. I own 2 X Yamaha MXR400 & 1 x Yamaha MXR800W with a total output of 1.6kw.<em/>

CK… There’s your problem (assuming you mean MSR and not MXR which seems to be a trail bike?)

Apologies, this should have read MSR not MXR

From the Yamaha website…The MSR400 employs a two-way bi-amplified system in which the low-frequency and high-frequency drivers have their own dedicated amplifiers. The 12-inch cone type woofer and the 1.75-inch high-frequency horn driver deliver total output power of up to 400 watts (LF: 300 watts, HF: 100 watts burst; 300 watts continuous total).
If this is a rock band, then you need more ‘rig for the gig’ and having that extra headroom will help with the feedback issues. If you can afford for the band to all be on in-ears, why scrimp on the PA?

Its worth noting that I have only ever run this system at FULL VOLUME once since I have owned it
Stoke Town Hall –
We actually had to link up a second PA system too that was also running at full (The client did not inform us of the enormity of the venue nor of the event type otherwise I would have demanded they got a company in to do the sound, luckily we pulled it off…just about).

We are a pretty quiet band, playing to the volume of the drummer (He’s not a basher and is a pro drummer) and I never have to usually take the volume of the rig past half way (12 o’clock settings on the rear of the top speakers), so the “Extra headroom” is not an issue for us as we always have extra headroom.

I do not feel I am scrimping on a PA system for the types of venues we play which are usually wedding venues with the main room being smaller than 10m x 15m with no more than 150 guests. It was about £1500 when I purchased it.