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Hi Mike,

Sorry to pester you, but it sounds like you have a similar set-up to what I am strongly considering.

I am considering picking up a QU-16 for my home recording studio (simultaneous record/playback of 8-16 tracks) of mine. I am using DP 8.07 running on a Mac Mini Server (i7 chip, internal 7200 rpm drive and multiple 7200 rpm drives using USB 3 and one Firewire). Up till now, I have been using a Focusrite Liquid Saffire 56 with an external ADAT Focusrite 8 channel preamp in addition to an ancient Soundcraft LX7 mixer for monitoring. I am looking to move to the QU 16 because it would have much better options for live performance, especially including recording live performances, as well as better monitoring options for musicians and singers. I also do live sound for our group, church work, possible live performance recordings, etc. In addition, I have never liked Focusrite’s monitoring software which seems very confusing and clunky.

That being said, the Liquid Saffire’s preamps sound great. How do you find the preamps on the QU-16, especially on things like vocals, a. guitars, etc? In short, is your set-up still playing nice with the QU-16 and what is your current set-up (how has it changed). I so much appreciate you helping give me some direction here. Before I sell off my gear, I just want to make sure my proposed set-up has a good chance of playing nice with the QU16.

Thanks so much for your help.
Dave Kochan