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As I’ve already stated I’m somewhat pragmatic with sound and do not want to trade FOH sound for Monitor feedback. I’m using the channel PEQs for FOH sound only, emphasising distinct frequencies or generally reducing mids for overall clarity. Coming from some progressive bands with sometimes difficult arrangements I’ve learned to focus on the overall sound not how individual musicians want their instruments to sound. After the concert normally all agree, not necessarily during soundcheck… 😉
Sensible feedback frequencies from the monitors are dealt with the PEQ of the mix (or GEQ in analog days). I generally rip off the low end from the monitors completely, since these are normally not required for the musicians to play well (may depend on music, though) which removes mud from the stage as well.
And, to address the original question: I indeed normally start with a somewhat coarse FOH sound, leveling instrument by instrument, monitors still off at that point (but already pre-EQed regarding feedback and placement). When I have that particular instrument well on FOH a little will be send to the assigned monitor (and only that one), so the musician is happy.
When everything is settled that way, we start a short rehearsal to see, who additionally needs which other instrument on the monitors, and they only get those. With this approach I rarely have real feedback issues…
Again: Monitors are not necessarily to generate hifi sound but for orientation.
You may try additional mics, but from my experience, more of them does not necessarily reduce feedback issues…