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Personally as one who spent 40 years in the recording business I have never looked at the QU or most any other of the compact dig consoles as studio recording desks. I feel the recording functions were added to capture live events for later work in DAW environments. I realized some have successfully made them studio desks with streaming and DAW apps but I don’t think AH intended that as primary mission. It is first and foremost a live sound console.

I have owned and still own large desks with all the necessary I/O to accomplish that while recording to machines like Pro Tools, RADAR, Analog 24tr etc. even years of MDM with Alesis and TASCAM. That is the best way to achieve multitrack recording, overdubbing and mixing IMHO.

To be honest between GLD and QU I have never recorded more than LR on a thumbdrive. I have had no interest in multitrack. That scares me sometimes since I dedicated the majority of my life to that and now I don’t care to even try that.