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Hi Guys, I am not really used to reply to this forum but i follow every topic trying to learn something. I think that the ilive is indeed a very expensive desk, but there are still not very many that does what i want it to do. I am using it in a split configuration, 32ip on the foh and 32 on the mix pad for the monitors sharing only the gain which even can be replaced by the trim on the surface to avoid affecting the monitor mix. When i look at other desks, i don’t find many in 32+32 ip channels where i can do the same. of course they are a lot cheaper, but the ilive does exactly what i want it to do so i am not about to sell it. The only thing is that i find that at A&H the love for the product is like gone. I was in frankfurt and the only ilive desk they had was a t144 that even missed a fader button, and when i asked a few question about it’s future, all i got was a whole lot of maybe’s and perhaps. I think it’s a very poor way to treat your clients