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I bought mixpad last month just weeks prior to the free offer….I felt bad because, contrary to what some think, being a not for profit organization, we just don’t have the funds to purchase extra stuff, if one includes the cost of computers for the A&H editor and that of the ipad itself it does add up. Tack in the fact that only last week I purchased meyersound’s compass “Go” app that also went free this week and you can see why I felt somewhat cheated, I made my sentiments known to one of A&H moderators in a private msg and was basically answered that it’s not that much compared to the initial iLive cost (137$ cdn with tax….)……. 🙁

I actually think the app should have been free all along, arguments from A&H still hold on to the fact that the app was an afterthought and therefore worth the extra $$ in R&D etc……add in the fact that iLives have not received the kind of attention other flagship products have in our industry and you can get quickly disillusioned and frustrated for perhaps having made the wrong purchase in the first place ……

With that being said, (and this is true for most computer based products), iLive still does what it was slated to do, at least as well or better than it did when first launched…. has it kept up with its neighbours? perhaps not…… entry level products like Qu and GLD have certainly benefitted from the improvements requested for the iLive by iLive users, how long will we wait? as mentioned, more and more iLives are for sale, there was a time this was a rarity…….All these signs I’m afraid spell EOL for our iLives….

On a happier note meyersound is working with itunes to reimburse buyers of the Compass Go app…… 🙂

and of course there are more than the 2 reasons stated for buying an iLive…..