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Ringing out the room with the method I sent you deals only with room resonances/standing waves…as clearly stated in the PDF. Also mentioned in the PDF and in this thread is the fact that such resonances are generally found below 300hz.

When you encounter massive amounts of feedback all coming on at the same time this just means that you have reached the limit of GBF in the room. There is nothing you can do with EQ or anything else at that point regarding remedies. Here’s the list of salient features once again:

1. Speakers with pattern control going as low as possible. Factors in play here are cost, size and weight.

2. Proper processing of the speakers with DSP. Best bet would be manufacturers settings in either a proprietary black (or is it gray, I forget) box or loaded into an outboard DSP compatible with the processing required.

3. Proper placement of the speakers in the room with regard to focus on the audience area and avoidance of spill onto reflective surfaces such as walls and ceiling.

I notice in some of the videos on your website that the speakers are on either side of the stage and what looks to be at least 6 feet behind the front line mics. The simplest way to improve your GBF/headroom is to get those speakers ahead of the mic line. If you can’t do that, you’ll have to accept diminished usable gain and very touchy issues with feedback.

You can’t have everything. Choose your poison.

DR, wishing you good luck in your quest.