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Evenin’ All.
So, I had a good 6 hours with my band today on addressing this issue and I really don’t know how much further I’ve gotten with it.
While ringing the room (Both trying first with a mic on stage and then with a mic in the middle of the room) I identified/rang out to create feedback. I tried many scenarios.

I boosted frequences on the PEQ and droped the gain on PEQs with as narrow a Q as possible.
I boosted the channel volume and used an app called FFT PLOT that displayed the exact freqeuncy and then I dialed it down on the PEQ.

I tried it on both the main LR mix PEQ mix and each channel PEQ mix.
I also tried it on the main GEQ.

I tried it with one mic, I tried it with two mics.

Here are the issues I’m still experiencing:-
a) Far too many frequency issues (I ran out of PEQs)
b) Even if I managed to get one mic to no longer ring, the moment I tried to add a second mic into the equation I then had a load more frequencies to deal with from that second mic channel.

When do you STOP tring to deal with feedback frequencies due to there being so many of them?
How far up do you bother to boost a freqency to try to force it to feedback? If its very near the top, do you even bother trying to remove it?
How do I determine what are the MAIN freqency issues when there are so many?

As I say, I’m really unsure how much further I’ve gotten with this….It was a very tiring day and now I deserve a nice cold beer.

Your continued assistance in this matter is the only thing keeping me sain right now.