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In practice I sometimes use the masterfader for level-control. Not the channelfader. That´s why sometimes I cant see if someone is grabbing one of lets say 6 or 8 Wireless-Mics and cant identifiy it fast and clearly. If I want to control the level really fast – master is the best way. The broadcast guy is not so delighted of this – of course, becuase of shift of level of ambient noise for example.

You can argue “dont do this” etc etc
Im payed for best live sound and so I do at my best.

A matrix pre-master-fader is in my opinion the best choice for press feeds.

Yes I CAN give them Alt out, or a main-split – of course – thats not the main problem.

A delay in Alt out would really help, but give me EQ too please – tomorrow I have a nearfill with an other type of speaker….for example
-> so give me a Matrix and Im happy.

I DO loop it to ST input – thats the way I work at the moment.

But I dont like it:
1. I dont like the extra cable
2. Im afraid of accidently feed the input to main and cause a “hardware-feedback”

Why are you trying to invalidate my arguments.
Its an individual thing.
Yes – I can do everything I need (thats the reason I bought the mixer) but give me a Matrix and Id be really happy! 😉


Sorry, I dont think you understood how exactly a matrix works.

A matrix takes the signal from an output – “main” is the most important.
And in ideal case i can choose it to be pre/post main-fader.

Main-EQ for example effects the matrix. Thats not possible in your scenario.

Matrices would ease my work – believe it or not – for any reaosn the QU-24 and 32 HAVE matrices – think about it!
Why – if nobody needs it?

I dont have so much pressfeeds, its just one example.
Nearfills AND delaylines AND pressfeeds can all be done really good with matrices in my personal opinion and workflow.