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Thanks for your reply.

No, I dont think its an “overkill”:

Theres a (big) world beside the typical Live-Band-Show.

I got often a situation likes this:
A handful Wireless-Mics for discussion/presentation for example and a Stereo-Input (Keynote)
(typical industrial job)

The venue needs a delay-line an there is a secondray-room the audio-signal should be transmitted to.
(Or a broadcast company would like to have a audio signal)

I often got really really little space for my gear. (Best thing to keep it all behind presentation-screen or in a niche)

Why should I use a bigger desk? 16 Channles are more than enough an I got 19″ rack-dimension – PERFECT!

I do jobs like these nearly every week.

I want to have “hardware-faders” – I did “racked” processing in the past (iLive Mixrack)
I had sometimes trouble loosing Wifi-connection (venues with much Wifi-traffic)

For this reason I want to have a “manual” backup that allows quick access to faders to avoid feedback and so on.
(Thats my experience over years as an full-time tech)

I dont think it would be “very hard” to give us the feature of a Matrix instead of a Aux-Mix.
I would pay for it, I would even buy other hardware, but the main features (dimensions, fader quantity, usability, sound,…) of the QU-16 are really perfect for my usage.

So I think its legit to express my desire of a matrix/ matrices, I know there are many other guys with the same desire!

(I know there are workarounds because I use them, but they are little annoying, its a thing that should be able to be implemented with a relative simple firmware update)

Thanks for your attention!