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I bought my iLive 5 years ago and also bought the mixpad app as soon as it was available. I even had to buy an iPad, so the remote control of the desk costed about 500,- €.

BUT: when I think about size, weight and the costs of my older big analogue desks with remote controllable TC EQs and when I think of how much easier this great desk and the app made my work, it’s worth every single cent. I think, maybe 10 or 15 years ago, every company in the pro audio business would have paid 5.000,- € to get a remote control like this, if it would have been available.

Don’t forget … a digital desk is a computer. Did you buy a computer within the last years? And what is it worth now?

I think the iLive is a great desk, we got several updates within the last years, all for free. It is paid, it earns money and it makes my work much easier, and this will not change regardless, if there will be iLives 2 or 3 …

And in my career as sound engineer I payd a lot more money for much less usable things than the mixpad 😉

just my thougts …