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Nicola A&H

Hi Tim,

I’m sorry to hear of your negative experience with the AB168.
You raised a Support ticket with us back in February (ref. ZVS-811-42194). At that time we were still investigating the issue and given the limited number of cases we were assuming a hardware fault with the comms board, hence the repair under warranty carried out by our American distributor.

The firmware issue was only identified second half of March. At that point we promptly sent a Technical Bulletin to all our distribution partners to recommend the GLD update workaround until a final solution was made available. Early estimates for release of the Qu firmware update was end of April due to the significant change of code required, however the R&D team worked hard to develop and test asap, diverting resources from other projects, so we were able to release V1.71 yesterday.

As for the release notes, the first issue listed as fixed in V1.71 is:
ID_1953: Under rare circumstances, AB168 AudioRacks could fail to respond to controls from a Qu mixer, albeit passing audio. Affected controls included preamp gain, PAD and +48V.

I fully appreciate the hassle you went through but I think everyone here has done their best to resolve the issue.

Best regards,