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Hey guys
I found this thread both very informative but also sad. It’s great to debate about stuff and dispute things as that’s how we all learn. No one knows things without learning from someone else, unless they are a genius who discovers or invents things and doesn’t need anyone else’s input (don’t know many of them !!). I just wish DR and Doc didn’t insult each other. There is no need for that here. None of us knows it all. And as my long time ago maths teacher used to say ” There’s no such thing as a stupid question”. It might appear to be stupid to someone who has more knowledge, but to the person asking it isn’t. So please please be courteous and respectful to each other. I enjoyed the knowledge both Dick and Doc shared and it gave me food for thought. I love debates. I hate insulting arguments. Keep sharing……peace !!!

Just one small point of clarification I would like to make. It is confusing talking about a narrow Q, no such thing really. A narrow octave bandwidth relates to a high Q value and a low Q value is associated with a wide octave bandwidth. Q = (sq.rt (2 to power of N))/((2 to power
of N)- 1). where N = octave bandwidth
I know what you mean (well I think I do) in that by a narrow Q you mean a narrow octave bandwidth ??