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Just to add another point of anecdata – I’ve not had any Berry kit fail on me (well, except in the, frankly biblical, rains at the Queen’s Jubilee celebrations – it did recover when it dried out though).

In fact there are aspects of my last Berry desk that I miss with the QU (full height vu metering alongside all faders for instance).

I’m not going to argue that they make excellent kit, but nor will I suggest that everything they make is about to blow up and kill any kittens within audible distance.

The X32 range are actually pretty decent bits of kit for many applications – but there’s the rub “for many applications”. They won’t suit everyone, they won’t suit everywhere. An X32 was on the shortlist when I bought the QU16 – what swayed me? Actually it was perceived rental value… Nothing specifically to do with the desks themselves.

The Preamps might be warmer/clearer/coloured/??? on the X32/QU range but for live music for a hobbyist covers band – does that matter? Probably not in all honesty. Does the name matter when hiring kit out – absolutely.

The QU lacked a little in terms of remote control, but it was already better than my previous desk, so I took a gamble, which has paid off in spades!

I’m considering a BCF2000 to do some remote work with, that will be interesting…