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This is of course just my opinion, so take it for what it’s worth.
Thanks Robbo 🙂

I have a Qu24 with a purple box (AR2412) and I just love it.
I also have a Mackie DL32R, and I just love it. he he he

Many differences really, but for now, let’s just forget about the difference in sound quality, they are both very quiet and very clean, mic pre this and that, WHATEVAH! 🙂

I do not have a QuPac and imagine that it will sound identical to a Qu24…and a MAckie DL32R too for that matter.

There is one absolutely huge difference…. the QuPac is NOT 32 channels without adding a separate stagebox.
If 16 channels is enough for your needs, then the QuPac is probably the way to go, and I would give you my blessings on that purchase, not that you need me to bless it 🙂

The Mackie’s biggest weakness is the extremely poor sound quality of the two built in reverbs, the delay is nice though.
I have my DL32R in a four space SKB case with two Sennheiser wireless microphone receivers and a TC Electronics twin processor reverb, so I don’t use the built in reverbs of the Mackie.

One of the aggravating things to me about the Qu is that we are stuck with four mono, and three stereo mix outputs for monitors and in ear systems. The four mono outputs can not be used in tandem for stereo mixes like the Mackie can, and the stereo mixes can not be separated for mono individual use, so if you just need a bunch of mono wedges, you waste three mixes with the Qu, where the Mackie is configurable to stereo (odd/even) channels if desired. None of this is life shattering, but there are differences in this area that should be considered in case you are needing lots of outputs.

I am completely comfortable displaying my humble and honest opinions here about both products, and I feel it is good for both companies and prospective customers to see what is and isn’t important to different users. To me, the Mackie really shines in comparison to the Qu line up because of one thing… THE APP! Just no comparison of ease of use and how FAST one can get from one point to another, which is so important when we are mixing MUSIC. One could easily argue that the Mackie does not have custom layers,,, well it doesn’t and in fact, it doesn’t have a lot of what the QuPac does, but there are differences that are worth noting.

I have both because I do many different kinds of events. If it is a wedding reception, the quality of sound is very important to me, afterall, it is the most important party for the bride and groom of their life. If it is a concert where people pay to get in, then I want faders on a real sound board. It sure is nice though to be able to use an iPad to control the mix anywhere in the venue. I still think I am in a dream about that one.. 🙂

I have rambled on about my opinions and we all know about those, sorry 🙂

Whichever you decide, I think you will not be dissappointed at all with the build quality and sound quality of both products.

I hope this isn’t too forward, but please feel free to visit my website and watch the Kury Sound video demo reel from the “videos” tab. I recently recorded a symphony featuring a pipe organ showing off it’s low C pedal (16Hz) which can easily be heard and fealt. The six condensor microphones were connected to the Mackie DL32R and recorded with Digital Performer on a Macbook Pro laptop computer.

While it may seem I am promoting the Mackie here, I really am not, I just love both companies and the Qu line is quite phenominal and full of sound value.