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This is a known firmware issue with the AB168. This was passed on to me via a retailer who raised a stink with A&H tech about the issue about a month ago.

“There’s an intermittent issue with the AB168 units during bootup… the expanders will revert to a previous factory firmware version and the Qu is not recognized properly. R&D are currently writing a maintenance update for Qu firmware (as the Qu mixer will automatically update the AB168 firmware), but this will not be available most likely for a few more weeks. Other solution is to send us the AB168 unit, we will update the firmware manually. Or connect the AB168 to a GLD mixer with firmware V1.42 or higher, this will also update the firmware in the AB168. The firmware update will resolve the situation”.

I contacted A&H who pussy footed around the issue for a few weeks. Fortunately, my retailer raised a royal stink with A&H for selling product that didn’t have the bugs worked through. A&H sent them a new, updated unit, which was given to me and took the old one back.

We’ve run it once since with no issues at all.

I would avoid upgrading the QU16 firmware until there is irrevocable confirmation A&H have figured out how to ensure that the firmware upgrade includes the AB168 as well.

You won’t know the issue is lurking until you incur the sort of problems and brain damage we, and others have had to deal with until you are in the midst of a set, which is not a career enhancing situation for any performing band.

For the record, and without me asking. A&H promised me some “swag” to make up for the inconvenience. I’ve seen squat thus far.

This is the sort of stuff that occurs at companies that are losing it. It’s a slippery slope.