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I have 2x SB168 units which were purchased from a famous retailer in Germany. I have a QU32 and ran the unit at an event with no issue. Unfortunately, the second time we used the unit it started sending loud bangs down the PA with a phantom power bang down the first 16 channels on the desk. Then we lost all signal from and to the stage box which came back on after around 10-12 seconds. This happened around 8 times in 2 hours. In the end I had to run an analogue multicore to the stage and remove the unit.
I was advised that it may be my cat5e cable that was causing the fault and that I had not fully unwound my 75m roll so put it down to this. After then checking with shorter cables, the fault was still present. I ordered another SB168 from the same supplier and this unit has been perfect with no faults and using the same cables so I know that it is the unit.

I returned the unit to the supplier who honoured their warranty agreement and collected/returned the unit for no charge. I included a not with the SB168 explaining the full fault and that the unit needs to be powered for around 3 hours before a fault is found. By this time I had noticed that if the unit is on and I gently touch the the cat5e cable going into the SB168 that connection is lost and after 10-12 seconds it will re-connect. When the unit was returned I was informed that it was a “firmware problem” and that it had now been updated and all is fine.

Unfortunately it failed on the next event but this was for around 700 people with a major tribute band performing. I have contacted the supplier again who have agreed to accept the unit back for repair but I really do not trust this unit and I do not believe that they will test the unit over a long amount of time so I wondered if anyone is aware of this fault so that I can tell them whats wrong and to please replace it.

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