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I tried this out yesterday in church using NOM mode and pretty much the default settings, although I turned on “Best Mic”. I was only using two radio mics and a fixed lectern mic. It all seemed to work pretty well, much better than my previous attempts using gates. There were one or two occaisions where it seemed a bit slow to open a mic, but it probably wasn’t too noticable to the congregation.

I chose NOM and Best Mic since that seemed to be the appropriate thing to do, but I might experiment with other settings.

Obviously the normal usage is for services where we have nobody running the sound and it has to “just work”. Of course if the service includes hymns then it needs someone to either turn down the sound, or have people mute their radio mics (or just not sing!). I did wonder whether I could do something like put a mic on the organ that is part of the auto group, but not routed anywhere, so that when the organ was playing it ducked all the other speech mics, but I’m not sure how sucessful that would be since people singing into their radio mics are pretty loud and would probably be treated as “best” and turn them on anyway.

I’d be interested in other people’s experiences.