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@coffee_king: Am I right that you do not intend to disclose further information on your stage/PA layout and/or how the feedback sounds? Making it somewhat hard to provide useful hints.
Sure, if you’re in a very small room with hard walls controlling feedback from the PA may indeed be an issue, but decreasing the overall volume would be a possible cure as well.
I still believe you’re trying to deal with symptoms not the problem. While this may work more or less, this is the hard road to go.
And if the particular feedback indeed originates from a room resonance, why not adjusting the single PEQ in the mains instead of every mic channel?
If its not a room resonance but a high pitched direct feedback from PA to mic, then PEQ probably does not help much if the microphone can move around the stage. Changing the mic location will result in different feedback frequencies. Turning down the volume (reducing compression, if used at all. Didn’t told us that either) is your only option.

Or, in other words: If you face similar problems in any room you are performing, its likely not a room problem…