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The Qu is running at fixed 48kHz, this is a design decision to reach the price tag of that unit.
I totally understand the request for 44.1kHz since I did CD productions as well, so some sort of re-sampling will be required.
Personally I’d place the resampling right at the end of the production chain when exporting the downmix, hoping that Logic does a good job there. Checking sound of resampled cymbals easily show up issues there.
Changing the samplingrate of the recorded files first and operate the project on 44.1kHz may be an option as well, but if you later recognize issues from the early downsampling, there’s no way back.
Downsampling from 48 to 44.1 khz isn’t easy, since it has to be done correctly to avoid audible artifacts to pop in. It can not be lossless, since you have to cut frequencies at the end of the audio range which requires really good and steep filters to accomplish that. Upsampling is a lot easier…