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Thank you, A&H, for doing this.

In all humility, I suggest that A&H not end this promotion. I do not want to sound ungrateful, but from my perspective, this promotion is the most significant activity from A&H for their iLive products in 15 months since the last firmware update, unlike Qu and GLD. A&H’s recent behavior shows they are focusing most or all of their development efforts on the Qu and GLD product lines.

If this pattern were to continue and A&H were to resume charging a steep premium for an app that controls their aging, lesser supported, still flagship product line, whilst A&H is giving the equivalent app for free to the more supported yet lower-tiered product lines, I fear A&H will continue to alienate their iLive users. Even if charging for the app were helping A&H to prolong iLive development, we have seen no new activity for iLive by comparison like back-porting new features, bug fixes or address incomplete current features, which causes me and others to respectfully question its efficacy. I acknowledge that the question of how to extend product development requires a deeper conversation than this.

If I am in error, I apologize in advance.