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Hey, no need to make a personal fight out of this!
We all have our own experiences and methods to operate some live situation, particular feedback.
I personally never had any musician on stage who causes a feedback problem, it always was some mic/gain/speaker issue. Except the guitarist with eye glasses…
For my opinion we still do not yet pinpoint out the cause of the feedback of the OP.
We still didn’t get the information how it sounds to determine, if it is coming from the room or suboptimal PA placement.
Talking about feedback from monitors isn’t helpful at all, since it was stated quite early that the band already uses IEMs.
Talking about some high end GEQ with all bands full parametric (that would be a PEQ, btw.) does not help either, since the GEQ inside the Qu does not offer that functionality and effectively does affect more than just the critical frequency.

But since I’m more on Dick’s side while reading your post, my experience obviously is quite limited as well. I can live with that.

…two weeks ago you stated “First, let me be clear that I do not have an A&H console”, did that change?