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Since we now have this thread sticky, I’ll try to summarize which USB Flash Drives are approved to work with Multitrack recording (not covering HDDs here):
SanDisk Extreme 64GB
SanDisk Cruzer Fit 32
Lexar S33 64GB
Transcend JetFlash 710S 32GB
Kingston Digital HyperX (DTHX30) USB3.0 Data Traveler 64GB
PNY Turbo 64Gb

Not working up to V1.7 along several others:
SanDisk UltraFit

For general information on QuDrive and which other drives may be used for pure data transfer check out the official Understanding QuDrive page.

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…and I’ve handed over a SanDisk Ultra and UltraFit to Nicola (what a pleasure to meet you!) in Frankfurt, crossing fingers… 😉