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My objective is this:

1- Outputting the synths audio from the QU-16 to the MacBook 1st USB port, through USB streaming

. No problem doing that

2- At the same time, connect all my synths MIDI IN’s/OUT’s to the UM-880 patch bay, and from this to the MacBook 2nd USB port.

Midi into your MAC? Thats ok on second port?

3- Finally Sync Audio and MIDI inside my DAW, for multitrack recording.

Your audio is going into the mixer and then into the mac via USB B streaming.
Are you asking if you can just hit a button on the mixer to play everything at the same time?

I don’t think you can sync via midi between the QU and your synths.
It should all play ok however and then its up to you to send the incoming audio to wherever you want within your mac to whatever multitrack software you are using.
USB B will stream all channels seperately to your mac