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Yes, you’re right with the 16 vs 40 thing. You can send 40 channels to the me1s, then each me1 user decides how to mix those 40 channels. They have 16 groups to fit those 40 channels in. Each group can contain anywhere from 0-40 channels, and they can be set differently on each me1. Eg your drummer might have 8 of his 16 as individual drum channels, and group the backing vox. The backing vocalists might use ch1-8 for vocals and reverbs etc, then create a group for ksh.

Re the caveats, I was referring to a band mixing their own monitors in general, not specifically using the me1s. The main three caveats include the band paying more attention to tweaking their individual mixes than actually playing their instruments (especially at the start when there’s a cool new toy with a bit of a learning curve,) giving themselves “more me” and completely destroying the stage noise, and finally creating feedback and not knowing hiw to fix it quickly. Admittedly those last 2 are more if an issue if you’re using wedges instead of iems.

To me it seems that spending > $600pp to fix a stage volume problem is an expensive way to go when what really needs to happen is some amps get turned down. If people are arguing about who has control of which mix, then mixing via qu-you could help, and would be cheaper than me1s, but then you’re back to the caveats.